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We frequently receive calls from people asking how they can find an AcuGraph practitioner in a particular area. Sometimes the calls come from practitioners who want to refer to their patients’ family members outside their practice area. Some calls are from perspective patients seeking an AcuGraph practitioner because they heard of the graphing process.

Why do perspective patients call us? Probably because we market worldwide, in magazines, search engines, websites, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter!

We want to send these potential patients directly to YOU!

To offer this service, we have created a link on our website for YOU! This link is searchable by country and state/province. It includes a map to your office and a link to your website! Linking your website to ours will help improve your position on internet search engines! We have dozens of AcuGraph practitioners on our website list of referrals. However, many of you aren’t on that list. Shouldn’t you be an option for these potential patients to contact?

How Do I Get on THE LIST?

1. You must have AcuGraph. If you have an older version (AcuGraph 4, AcuGraph 3, AcuGraph II, etc.), you can upgrade for just $399.

2. Download and install the latest version of AcuGraph. You can check your version from within AcuGraph by going into the “Help” menu and selecting “About AcuGraph.” If your version starts with 4 but is not 4.1.2 or later, go to the following link to download and install the latest update:

3. Once you’ve installed the latest version of AcuGraph, joining the practitioner referral directory is easy. When you launch AcuGraph, you’ll see a checklist that looks like this:

(If you don’t see the checklist, you can access it under the “Help” menu by selecting “Getting Started Checklist.”)

Follow the checklist. First, update your user information (under the General tab). Second, click on the “Set Up Online Referrals” button. Once you have completed these steps, you’re automatically in the practitioner directory on our website.

IMPORTANT: You must be connected to the internet when you take these steps so your practitioner information can be uploaded to our servers.

So that’s it. You’ll be updated to the latest version, and you’ll be in our directory. Enjoy!

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One Reply to “You WANT to be on This List”

  1. I have received two e-mails within the last week from a “brand new” AcuGraph user. She wanted to thank us for the referrals that immediately came to her because she bought the AcuGraph.

    In my private practice, I often get asked if I can refer friends and family members of my patients who don’t live in the area to an AcuGraph practitioner. It’s kind of funny. My patients are convinced that that if you aren’t an AcuGraph user, that you aren’t up to date with “modern acupuncture.” I know that there are a lot of amazing acupuncturists out there who don’t use the AcuGraph, but from the perspective of the patient, they just aren’t up to date.

    If you haven’t signed up for our referral program, please do. I’d love to send referrals to you.

    Have a great day!

    Kimberly Thompson, L.Ac.

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