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Photizo: A Red Light Therapy Powerhouse

I am a little bit obsessed with red light therapy for a myriad of applications, but as a body builder AND an acupuncturist, I find it especially useful for improving performance and speeding healing. My device of choice? PHOTIZO. Sounds like some sort of comic strip sound effect word, doesn’t it? BAM. BOOM. PHOTIZO!!

Not only does PHOTIZO sound like a sound effect superhero word, but heck, it provides superhero relief. Pain? Discomfort? Photizo to the rescue! In fact, I often use the Photizo Pain Relief red light therapy device in my acupuncture clinic. It’s like a secret weapon for pain and inflammation. It has the incredible ability to relieve pain in the toughest cases, when acupuncture alone failed to provide complete relief.

A Tendon Was Giving me Trouble…

My journey with red light therapy and Photizo started about 3 years ago when my left bicep tendon would often get inflamed while I was benching. I’d experience 7/10 pain, and my entire left arm was out of commission for days. It happened about every 3 months, which would really put a halt to my training. Chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture worked wonders on posture correction and getting to the root of the repetitive injury, but nothing seemed to fully calm the inflammation and irritation.

You see, even when I was aligned, and my meridians were open and balanced, I still often felt this lingering sensation of inflammation in my left bicep tendon. It was extremely stubborn, and was really starting to affect my training progress. I was shadowing at Dr. Jared McCollum’s acupuncture clinic at the time, working toward licensure as an acupuncturist, and I was always on the hunt for powerful tools to add to my arsenal for my future clinic. Dr. McCollum had purchased the Photizo Pain Relief from Miridia Technology and suggested I try it for my bicep pain. I was intrigued!

How I Became A Photizo Believer

I figured that if I wanted to find out whether red light therapy could really do what it claimed to do (reduce pain and inflammation, speed healing, increase circulation, etc) I should probably try experimenting on myself! After I treated the area with Photizo once per day for about 2 days, the sensation in my arm DISAPPEARED (Insert comic strip sounds here! BOOM! BANG! PHOTIZO!)

I stopped using the light after the sensation disappeared (rookie mistake) but still had relief for 3 months. The sensation did return, but this time, I began using the light immediately—twice per day, for 14 days straight, with no other treatment modalities. I really wanted to know what kind of results I could get from JUST Photizo. (As you’ll soon learn about me, I do love using myself as a guinea pig!) Since that 14-day treatment, I have never again had an issue with my left bicep tendon, and my training is absolutely flourishing. Photizo really does stimulate healing, relieve pain, calm muscle spasms, and increase circulation. For my active lifestyle, this is an absolute game changer.

Photizo red light therapy

Using Red Light Therapy Daily to Improve Performance

I feel like my bicep tendon situation was the trust exercise that I needed to really believe in Photizo. Now I use it daily, typically before bed, on the muscle group I trained that day, to help stimulate tissue healing. It’s a simple self-care exercise that allows me to take good care of my tendons and ligaments so that I can keep lifting weights in a healthy, sustainable way.

I absolutely recommend Photizo to anyone else who lifts weights, plays sports, juggles kids, or performs manual labor. It’s a simple and gentle way to give back to your body that works so hard to carry you through life each day. Interested in complimenting your fitness routine with Photizo? Here’s what I recommend, based on my own experience.

  1. Exercise as normal.
  2. After your workout or before bed, treat the main muscle group you trained with Photizo. Hold Photizo stationary in one spot for the full 40 second treatment cycle, then move it slightly to a new spot and treat again, until you’ve treated the entire area.
  3. If you get injured, or feel pain or inflammation that’s outside your norm, treat the area with Photizo twice per day until the pain is gone, and then continue treating for an additional 7-10 days.

Why Photizo? Aren’t Other Lights Cheaper? 

As an acupuncturist, I’ve come to learn that not all tools are created equal. If you want to use red light therapy to enhance your own healing, it’s important to choose the right light. Otherwise you might be disappointed! I chose Photizo because it’s a professional-grade product that’s designed for clinical use, uses the CORRECT wavelengths of red AND infrared light, and is extremely simple to use and well-designed. You can see more about this in the image below.  

WHAT?! Red Light Therapy is Good for Skin, Too?

As you get to know me through these ridiculously funny blog posts (wink), you will learn about my struggle with being Celiac. Celiac disease has really affected my body throughout my life, but also my self-image. Having blistering rashes for YEARS, has led to some pretty intense scarring on my chest and arms, which can be emotionally and socially bothersome.

I am incredibly grateful to express that I have successfully used Photizo to prevent new scarring! I simply use Photizo at the onset of a new rash, and the red light helps clear it up before it reaches the blistering and scarring stage. It’s hard to fully express what an amazing difference that has made in my quality of life.

The Power of Photizo in the Clinic

Not only have I personally benefited HEAPS form this magic little device, but I have countless patients that would probably pick the Photizo over my acupuncture skills if the world was ending! Haha! I’ll share the story of one such patient.

Photizo Wins a Hockey Game!

It was 2 hours before the last hockey game of a patient’s provincial weekend, he had smashed into the ice and landed on his elbow, which, ironically, he had done to his other elbow the previous year. Elbow pads were worn, but when you are skating at high speeds in high level hockey, things happen!

He was the main defensemen on his team, and his ability to bend his elbow while shooting the puck was absolutely essential for this final game of the season! His mom called me in a panic and asked if acupuncture would help prevent his elbow from swelling and being unable to bend like it had done the previous year. I said I wasn’t confident that acupuncture was going to work that quickly on local trauma, but that I had a Photizo light that worked wonders on inflammation. So, they came flying into the clinic with 1 hour to spare before this last game. I used the light on his elbow, in hopes of reducing some of the local swelling.

His mom messaged me after his game announcing that they had won, and that her son had managed to play the game with full use of his arm. The following days they came in for full treatments to fully heal his elbow. The patient said that he feels that his elbow healed in half the time as the previous year, and he felt that it was because he immediately was able to have the light treat his injury, compared to the year before where he just let time do the healing. 

Now you see why I consider PHOTIZO an action word?  BOOM BANG PHOTIZO TO THE RESCUE! You can purchase a healing red/infrared Photizo light by clicking here. If you’re interested in learning more about how I use Photizo in my personal routine AND in my practice, I’d love to chat with you. You can find me and send me a personal message on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/kenzifitness/ Or, you can always reach out to the team at Miridia Technology with the info below.

Email: help@miridiatech.com
Phone: 208-846-8448

p.s… for all you dog lovers out there (I’m one of them!) they also have a pet-safe version called the Photizo Vetcare, and it’s equally as amazing! Check out some success stories here.


Dr. Mackenzie, Dr. Ac.

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