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Why4Why do you do what you do? What drives you to get out of bed every day and go to work?

There are probably as many answers to this question as there are practitioners in this field.

I’ve talked to many, many acupuncture practitioners over the years and seen nearly every practice situation imaginable.

Every practitioner is unique, and the common theme among them all is a great desire to help people. 

Sure, you can make a good living as an acupuncturist (if you approach it right), and you can earn respect from your patients; you can be highly regarded in the community. But in the end, the driving factor I see most often, even beyond praise and profit, is a simple desire to make people’s lives better.

Frankly, I can’t think of a more honorable and noble reason to go to work every day.

Just like every practitioner has a “why,” so should every business. After all, businesses are just made up of people who come together to work toward a common goal.

If the goal is only to make a profit, the business will lose its way in pursuit of the almighty dollar. On the other hand, if a business has a driving purpose, a passion that matters deeply and makes a difference to everyone who works there, great things can be accomplished for the company and for those it serves.

Here at Miridia Acupuncture Technology we’re animated by a desire to elevate acupuncture. 

  • We believe the gentle, natural, safe and effective acupuncture should be the FIRST choice in healthcare, before drugs, surgery, and their resulting complications.
  • Believe it is a kindness to help more people receive acupuncture care and help more practitioners succeed.
  • We believe we can help increase peoples awareness of acupuncture.
  • We believe great products and technologies help us accomplish these goals.

This is what drives us.

In the end, YOU are the most important part.

With that in mind, all of us here at Miridia wish you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. As we pause and reflect on our list of blessings, we place each of you high on that list. We now have well over 7,000 individual customers and each of you is important to us and a vital partner in helping us reach or goal to elevate acupuncture.

Thank you for the excellent work you do!
Thank you for touching so many lives and helping so many people.
And thank you for being our partners in this work.

May God bless you this season and always.

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Dr. Adrian Larsen
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Dr. Adrian Larsen

Adrian P. Larsen, D.C., F.A.S.A., C.Ac. Dr. Larsen is President of Miridia Technology Inc., and one of the developers of the AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging system. He currently divides his time between research, product development, and teaching. Dr. Larsen also holds certifications in Applied Kinesiology and CPK, and has specialized training in SOT and craniopathy. He, his wife, and 7 children reside in Meridian, Idaho.

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