AcuGraph 1.0 Released 5/5 (31)

The first 10 AcuGraph units were sold and shipped in October, 2003. Yes, that’s a picture of Dr. Larsen’s kitchen table, where the units underwent final assembly before being shipped to their users.


Despite its humble beginnings, AcuGraph 1.0 was truly revolutionary. Among other things, AcuGraph was the first meridian graphing device to offer a direct USB computer interface for real-time measurement entry, gold plating to eliminate tip corrosion, self-calibration for continual accuracy, cross-platform functionality, and a host of other remarkable features. Word began to spread among acupuncture practitioners that this new tool was driving practice success. Patients began asking for AcuGraph by name.

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Cameron M. Larsen received his Bachelors degree from Southern Virginia University with an emphasis in Business Management and MultiMedia Design. At the conclusion of his studies he joined the Miridia Technology team as a marketing specialist and assisted with software design and development, and all aspects of business development and management. With extensive knowledge of business and acupuncture practice, he is now the General Manager of Miridia Technology, Inc. He, his wife, and five children reside in Meridian, ID.