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Points Interactive Acupuncture Software

The fastest, easiest way to master the Acupuncture Meridians.

It’s the ULTIMATE TOOL for learning or re-learning the acupuncture points…
And the ULTIMATE REFERENCE for everything you need to know about any point. 

For example: Can you needle Liver 3 in pregnancy? Is it safe to use moxibustion on Gallbladder 33? What is the correct way to needle Stomach 2? It’s all there.

And there’s more. Need to know the right point combination to treat Aphasia? Or a Breast Abscess? Jaundice? Sunstroke? Full point combinations and options are organized by 361 specific problems so you’ll know the right points for practically ANY problem your patients bring!


  • 405 Named and Numbered Points on the Body
  • 14 Main Channel Graphic Images
  • 12 Main Channel Musculotendino Images
  • 12 Main Channel Internal Pathway Images
  • 361 Treatment Protocols 
  • 11 Charts
  • Graphic Images of all points
  • Line Images of all numbered points 
  • Quiz Mode to test and re-test your knowledge
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