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Does Finding Gifts Stress you Out?

The holiday season is here, and the time has come for gift gathering and giving. It’s a joyful time, but behind the joy is that unwelcome twinge of stress and worry epitomized in the notion, “what on earth am I supposed to get this person?” 

We’ve all been there… stewing, musing, wondering, worrying over what gift could possibly be right for that special person. Maybe it’s an extended family member you don’t know too well. Or, maybe you have a new friend or coworker that you want to dazzle with a thoughtful gift. Maybe your recipient simply enjoys hobbies and passions that you know nothing about. Gift cards are easy, but impersonal. And no one wants to waste money on gifts that won’t be loved and appreciated. 

If your loved one happens to be an acupuncturist, herbalist, massage therapist, chiropractor, naturopath or lover of traditional medicine, don’t worry for another second. We can help. And the best news is, we have gift ideas and options in every price range.

Keep reading to get info on specific gifts, or check our entire Year End Sale, running now through January 2nd, 2019.

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Gifts from $4-$49

This may surprise you, but there are loads of inexpensive products on the market that practitioners are sure to love. If you want to give a thoughtful gift but don’t want to break the bank, these are for you! 

Acupuncture gift: Ear Seeds

Ear Seeds: $4

Practitioners can use Ear Seeds to treat acupuncture points on patients’ ears. These ear points correspond with points on the patient’s body, and as the ear seeds apply pressure to the points they help provide relief for hundreds of conditions and ailments. At only $4 for 100 Ear Seeds, you couldn’t ask for a better deal! Talk about an awesome stocking stuffer! 

Click here for ear seeds >>

BONUS: Consider throwing in an auriculotherapy chart or reference software to complete the package! 

Acupuncture Gift: Neurtralizer

Aulterra Cell Phone Neutralizer (3 Pack): $29.95

The Aulterra Cell Phone Neutralizer is a combination of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements which neutralize the effect of man-made EMF exposure on human DNA. In other words, you can stick one of these neutralizers on a phone, laptop or tablet to help minimize the harmful effects of the Electromagnetic Field that such technology creates.

Our package includes 3 Neutralizers for just $29; this is a bargain, and could even turn into a business opportunity for your loved one if they’d like to sell them at their clinic!

Click here for Aulterra Cell Phone Neutralizers (3 Pack) >>

Acupuncture gifts: Auriculo 3D

Auriculo for iOS: $29

Auriculo is the finest auriculotherapy reference app available on the App Store for iPhone and iPod! Featuring complete European and Chinese charts for locating specific auriculotherapy points, as well as more than 175 protocols for treating common ailments, Auriculo is the fast, easy way to access auriculotherapy information on the fly! With nearly 320 charts, 177 treatment protocols and 298 Auricular Point References, your loved one will quickly become an auriculotherapy whiz, for a fraction of the cost of expensive and bulky books and classes.

Make sure that the app is purchased under the correct Apple ID so that your loved one will have access to the resource. Alternatively, you can purchase an iTunes or App Store gift card that your loved one can use to purchase the Auriculo app. Consult Apple Customer Support if you have questions.

Acupuncture Gifts: Charts

Acupuncture Charts: $30-$50

Check out our assortment of acupuncture and auriculotherapy charts! These charts make a beautiful and functional addition to any clinic. Printed in stunning color on high-quality, glossy stock and laminated for protection, these charts will last for years to come. These charts provide a quick and easy reference while practitioners are giving treatments, but also act as applicable, professional decor.

Click here for Acupuncture Reference Charts >>

acupuncture gifts: Points

Points Acupuncture Reference Software: $49

Points is the world’s most complete acupuncture reference software, including over 430 full-color acupuncture charts, complete reference for all meridian systems and more than 350 protocols for common ailments. It’s a perfect resource for students! Even better, it’s available on iOS devices, AND Mac and PC computers, making acupuncture point location and information more accessible than ever.

Click here for Points Software (iOS and Mac/PC) >>

Gifts from $50-$149

If you have a bit more to spend on your loved one, these gift ideas are for you. Still affordable and thoughtful, gifts in this price range include more physical tools, which are fun and exciting to unwrap and test out! 

acupuncture gifts: stickers

Acupuncture Stickers: $20-$65

This ingenious and quirky marketing strategy WORKS! Practitioners can give these stickers to their patients after treatments and watch as their patients market for them! “What’s that sticker all about?” friends, family and others who see them will ask. Plus, they’re just plain fun. 

Click here for Acupuncture Stickers >>

acupuncture gifts - Laser

QiPulse Laser: $79.95

Stimulating, red laser light has been proven by decades of use. The QiPulse professional laser pointer is comfortable and easy to use with a “latching” on/off switch. The laser is portable and easy to keep with you, and is wonderfully effective. This high-quality laser features all-metal construction, a stay-on switch, and the most desirable 635 nm red wavelength. With 5 mW power for safety, the QiPulse is an amazing non-needle addition to any practice. 

Click here for the Qi Pulse Laser >>

acupuncture gifts - AcuGraph

AcuGraph Graphing Station and Supplies: $99 

Is your loved one an AcuGraph user? If so, this is a perfect supplement to their AcuGraph system! The Graphing Station and Supplies for AcuGraph Hardware helps users organize any AcuGraph workstation by keeping the processor unit, probe, ground bar and supplies all in place on their work surface! The product includes Includes 100 extra tips, 30 blotter pads and 30 water cups.

Click here for AcuGraph Graphing Station and Supplies >>

Auriculo 3D Auriculotherapy Software (Desktop): $149

Featuring over 300 auricular points and 180 full-condition protocols, Auriculo 3D is the complete solution for clinical use and personal study. There is no easier way to study, memorize and treat with auriculotherapy than using a reference software where everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Using a 3D ear, the software shows practitioners exactly where Auriculo points are located and recommends frequency zones for microcurrent or electroacupuncture treatment.

Click here for the Auriculo 3D Software (Mac and PC) >>

Gifts from $150-$400

Got a bit more to spend and want to get something really special? We’ve got some great options for you!

Stimplus Pro Microcurrent Stimulator + 3 Year Warranty: On Sale for $259 $308

This is the lightest, most effective microcurrent tool for locating and treating auricular points. Its precise build and curved design make it fantastic for treating body points OR points on the ear! The Stimplus Pro is an amazing option for patients who are afraid of needles, or for practitioners looking to incorporate microcurrent into their treatments for enhanced results.

Click here for the Stimplus Pro Microcurrent Stimulator >>

Qi Series Blue & Red Laser + 3 Year Warranty: On Sale for $299 $378.90

This laser set is the perfect combination of red and blue – yin and yang. Stimulating red laser light has been proven by decades of use. Blue light has traditionally been associated with relaxation, sedation, and tranquility. Though purple-blue LED’s have been readily available for years, a true, saphire-blue laser is a relatively new development.

Click here for the Qi Series Blue + Red Laser Set >>

Photizo Pain Relief LED Light Therapy Device + 3 Year Warranty: On Sale for $395 $434

The Photizo Vetcare harnesses the power of light therapy to relieve pain, stimulate cell repair and healing, reduce swelling and inflammation, and promote immune system function in ALL animals. With both red and infrared wavelengths, Photizo Vetcare provides enhanced benefits and deep penetration with a measured dose of safe, noninvasive light at the click of a button.

Click here for the Photizo Pain Relief >>

Gifts $500 and Up

If you’ve got plenty to spend and you really want to blow your loved one away, these gifts are perfect candidates! Each of these amazing products has the power to truly transform and revolutionize a practice.

Pointoselect Digital + 3 Year Warranty: On Sale for $595 $740

The Pointoselect Digital combines positive and negative point detection, advanced treatment protocols, and popular preset frequencies in one powerful device. The Pointoselect is everything you need for effective, convenient body and ear point treatment. If your loved one is an auriculotherapy whiz and needs that next big push to take them to a whole new level, look no further!

The Pointoselect allows practitioners to incorporate incredibly fast and unbelievably effective ear treatment into their workflow, providing a new level of flexibility in their practice. Acupuncturists are seeing immediate total-body-balance results when they use the Nogier frequency presets on the Pointoselect Digital!

Click here for the Pointoselect Digital >>

Rapid Release + Advanced Training + 3 Year Warranty: On Sale for $1295 $2095

The Rapid Release uses high-frequency/low-amplitude vibration to ease pain and move qi quickly and easily. It’s the perfect companion to your acupuncture treatment. 4 built-in heads, plus the unit itself provide all the options you need for effective application to any area.

Previously used mostly by Chiropractors and Massage Therapists, Rapid Release vibrational therapy has entered the acupuncture world with a BANG with acupuncturist Kimberly Thompson’s book, Move Blood and Stop Pain.

The book, available exclusively with the purchase of a Rapid Release from Miridia Technology, details unprecedented, acupuncture-specific approaches to a variety of conditions. The book is also an incredible tool for massage therapists and chiropractors, as it reveals how the acupuncture channels work harmoniously with the musculotendino system of the body. 

Click here for the Rapid Release >>

Auriculotherapy All-In Package + 3 Year Warranties: On Sale for $995 $1587

Is your loved one looking into auriculotherapy? We have the perfect gift idea for you!

The Auriculotherapy ALL IN Package is our most complete auriculotherapy package for ultimate treatment flexibility and accuracy. It includes our three most popular auriculotherapy products, the Auriculo 3D Auriculotherapy reference software, as well as the Pointoselect Digital and Stimplus Pro point detection and treatment devices. This is the best auriculotherapy package we offer and contains everything your loved one will need to learn, practice and master auriculotherapy.

Click here for the Auriculotherapy All-In Package >>

AcuGraph Practice Builder Package: On Sale for $2495 $2795

There couldn’t be a more valuable gift for a practitioner you love. With AcuGraph, practitioners can prove acupuncture works with a simple computer-assisted exam that shows patients their chi right now—and their progress over time.

The AcuGraph system helps practitioners give more effective acupuncture treatments by providing real-time insight into their patient’s meridian energetics.

AcuGraph acts as a powerful marketing tool, a progress tracker, and an invaluable resource to educate patients about the acupuncture channels, and how their energetic health is improving.

Click here for the AcuGraph Practice Builder Package >>

Did You Find the Perfect Gift?

We hope you feel inspired and excited about these gifts for an acupuncturist, or another practitioner! What a wonderful time of year – a time of sharing, receiving, loving, dreaming, and getting to know one another better than ever. Whatever you celebrate, we wish you the happiest of holidays and a marvelous 2019. 

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Wishing you Joy, 

Dr. Adrian Larsen

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Dr. Adrian Larsen

Adrian P. Larsen, D.C., F.A.S.A., C.Ac. Dr. Larsen is President of Miridia Technology Inc., and one of the developers of the AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging system. He currently divides his time between research, product development, and teaching. Dr. Larsen also holds certifications in Applied Kinesiology and CPK, and has specialized training in SOT and craniopathy. He, his wife, and 7 children reside in Meridian, Idaho.

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