Posturology and its Connection to Auriculotherapy

Dr. Michel Marignan

About a month ago I received word from Dr. Raphael Nogier that he decided to bring a friend and colleague with him to teach at the Auriculotherapy Success seminar in October, Dr. Michel Marignan, a world-renowned expert in posturology.

At first I was a little confused.

How could anyone possibly help Dr. Nogier give a better seminar than he does on his own? As the son of the founder of auriculotherapy, Dr. Nogier is THE authority in the auriculotherapy world, and I have enormous respect for him. Furthermore, what is posturology, and how does it have any connection to auriculotherapy?

Well, I kept my mind open, and since learning that Dr. Marignan would be joining Dr. Nogier, I’ve only become more excited about the upcoming seminar and all the fantastic material to be taught as I’ve learned more the topics.

In my excitement, I wanted a way to share more about Dr. Marignan and what he is going to add to the Auriculotherapy Success seminar, that only HE can. So, I decided to contact Dr. Marignan and get some answers to some questions I, and others, have had about posturology and its connection to auriculotherapy.

My takeaway from this Q&A session? You’re in for an absolute treat this fall! Let’s get started!


Q: What is Posturology?

A: In a few words, posturology is the study of posture.

Here’s a more complete definition: Posturology is a powerful, neurophysiological-based approach to musculoskeletal function that affects all systems of the body. Posturology focuses on structural distortion and its manifestations in pain and disease.

In 1985, “posture” was defined by a consensus coming from more than 250 posturology specialists around the world. Posture is the active preservation of the configuration of the various segments of the body in space. Posture expresses the way the body faces the stimulations of the outside world and reacts to them.

Q: Why Does Posturology Matter?

A: Posture itself is an unconscious and automatic human function affecting the whole body when standing up or moving. Posture is continuously regulated by the central nervous system, which incorporates constantly changing information coming from inside and outside of the body, orientating, positioning, and stabilizing the body in space.

Posture is the result of the involvement of a complex multimodal, sensorimotor system, and is studied by biomechanics specialists, orthopedists, chiropractors, and others that specialize in sports injuries, performance, and cognitive functions.

Postural functions allow us to:

  • Build and adopt an upright position
  • Stabilize this position, in static or dynamic situations
  • Develop a spatial knowledge of the body itself (cognitive function) in relation to its environment

Q: Where Did Posturology Come From?

Dr. Pierre-Marie Gagey

A: Around 1960, the works of Jean-Bernard Baron, a French neurophysiologist, became the basis of modern day posturology. Baron created the International Society for Postural and Gait Research (ISPGR), which still exists today, and organized World Congresses on fundamental aspects of posturology.

One of the pivotal players in the early days of posturology was Dr. Pierre-Marie Gagey, a French doctor living in Paris. Since 1973, Dr. Gagey has studied posturology and developed a scientific and medical approach to postural control. Dr. Gagey applied his technique to healthcare, and taught it to his students, including Dr. Michel Marignan, one of his best and brightest pupils.

Q: What is the Relationship Between Posturology, Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy?

A: Postural control is a fine sensory and brain process, reacting more to little stimulations than big ones, similar to auriculotherapy. Postural syndromes are extremely sensitive to auriculotherapy stimulations (and likely Chinese acupuncture), if practitioners know how to utilize auriculotherapy for postural control regulation. Auriculotherapy is, by itself, the best way to re-adapt brain control of postural activities by using specific points and protocols, with immediate and visible effects on body position and pain.

What many practitioners don’t realize is that combining clinical posturology with auriculotherapy is now considered to be one of the most advanced and effective clinical approaches for treating back pain in Europe, among other countries. Additionally, the combination of posturology and auriculotherapy optimizes sport performance and increases physical and mental well-being. In France, students can earn an entire degree in just posturology.

Q: What Will Dr. Marignan Teach at the Auriculotherapy Success Seminar?

posturologyA: Posturology is the best modern approach to address the causes of functional spine and most musculoskeletal pain. According to a statistical study, 80% of functional spine pain issues are due to postural dysfunctions.

Taking an auriculotherapy approach when treating postural musculoskeletal pain and dysfunctions is symbiotic in nature; combining the two techniques is the most effective way to obtain good results, quickly.

Postural syndrome dysfunction should be treated before any other issues to guarantee the best and and most successful results, as postural dysfunction symptoms can manifest themselves as other seemingly unrelated issues. The postural approach doesn’t exclude other techniques, but by using it first, you can improve your overall results.

Dr. Marignan is one of the first medical doctors to learn posturology from a pioneer of modern day posturology in France, Dr. Pierre-Marie Gagey. Dr. Marignan uses posturology daily to treat his patients, and has practiced posturology in conjunction with auriculotherapy for over 30 years. At the Auriculotherapy Success seminar, Dr. Marignan will share his knowledge of combining posturology and auriculotherapy in practice, and will show the students how to add posturology to their treatments in a simple and practical way.

After the seminar, students will be able to start using Dr. Marignan’s posturology + auriculotherapy technique immediately.

By studying posturology and combining it with auriculotherapy, practitioners are regularly surprised by the quality of their results. Most importantly, they are able to obtain results that they have been unable to achieve any other way.

The Auriculotherapy Success Seminar

What a great Q&A session! I, for one, am extremely excited that Dr. Nogier decided to bring Dr. Marignan to the Auriculotherapy Success seminar. As I said before, at first I was a bit skeptical, but the more I’ve learned about the connection between posturology and auriculotherapy, the more excited I’ve become! Combining the power of each technique can yield results that neither can on their own, and at the seminar, you’ll learn simple ways to incorporate posturology and auriculotherapy into your practice so you can start seeing better results, faster, and stop pain.

As both Dr. Nogier and Dr. Marignan are traveling from France to teach this seminar, it truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We never know if Dr. Nogier will come back. And we certainly don’t know if we will ever have the two of them in the same room, in the United States, again.

If you’re want to improve your auriculotherapy skills and jump to the next level of healing, this seminar is THE BEST recommendation I can give you.

>> Click here for more information about the Auriculotherapy Success Seminar 2017

*Please note that this seminar has ended.


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