Can You Guess? 5/5 (31)

Hello Again Friends,

I’ve got to tell you, I’m having an absolutely fabulous time getting ready for this release. Yes, it’s an unbelievable amount of work, but hearing from all of you makes it worth it.

The Australian contingent weighed in from down under with a couple of my favorite comments on yesterday’s post:

Not to worry, Graham, once we open for pre-orders we’ll keep it open long enough to ensure you ample opportunity to learn all about AcuGraph 4 and qualify for the early bird discount.





I’ve gotta admit, this one left me scratching my head. Here in the office, we all dove for our Australian-American English dictionaries to figure out what a “Dummie Spit” was. After some research, I think the American equivalent would be a “Hissy Fit.” Thanks for giving us a good laugh! Sorry about the Aussie Dollar—I hope it gets better soon.

And last but not least, in yesterday’s post, at the end of an insightful comment, Shawn Soszka put it succinctly:

More Videos Please!!

Your wish is my command.

Here’s another video I put together to demonstrate Feature #21 (Unlimited Compare) and Feature #4 (Historical Trending). I show how these two new features combine to give the best “look back” at your patient’s progress. This is seriously cool.

Take a look:

Having trouble viewing this video? Click Here to watch in a different viewer. OR Click Here to download the video.

The features demonstrated in the video are just 2 more of over 50 great new features in AcuGraph 4.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 10 new features are so groundbreaking I consider them MAJOR. So far you’ve seen 2 of them (IntelliGraph and Historical Trending.) There are 8 more you haven’t seen yet.
  • 11 more features are brand new, very helpful, and make the software much, much nicer
  • 14 Usability improvements make this the most user-friendly version of AcuGraph ever
  • 11 Patient education enhancements ensure AcuGraph remains the most powerful patient education tool in the business for years to come
  • 5 Interface improvements give a major boost to the look, feel, and convenience of AcuGraph.

OK, so that brings me to what I promised yesterday. As you know, we held a contest for enhancement suggestions, and we gave the winners free AcuGraph 4 upgrades. Of course, we really can’t give away any more of these, but we recognize there are thousands of users who didn’t get in on that opportunity and who would love a shot. Plus, we can’t resist a good contest.

So here’s what I’m going to do: If you win today’s contest, I’ll pay for your upgrade myself. Sound good?

If you looked at yesterday’s comments, and heard all the phone calls coming in here today, the number one question everyone wants answered is this:

So what will it cost?

As you undoubtedly know, we’re not telling. At least, not until Friday when we officially reveal all the new features of AcuGraph 4 and open for pre-orders.

So here’s the contest: Guess the price.

That’s right, take a guess. The first person to get it right will win the upgrade at no charge!

(Now keep in mind while you’re guessing, if you put what you WISH the price is (like $1) you’ll obviously get it wrong. The winning strategy is to guess what you think the price will actually be, not what you hope it will be.)

So there you have it. One last chance at fame (a little), fortune (good fortune, that is) and a free upgrade to AcuGraph 4. Just post a comment with your guess by clicking on “Add Comment” below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our spam filter requires that comments be manually approved, so it will take several minutes (or hours if we’re asleep) before you see your guess posted. Don’t worry—we get them all, and we’ll post them just as soon as possible.

I’ll be pretty busy on Thursday putting the finishing touches on the demo videos, but I’ll try to put up a quick post with instructions for Friday. Good luck with your guessing!!

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Dr. Adrian Larsen

Adrian P. Larsen, D.C., F.A.S.A., C.Ac. Dr. Larsen is President of Miridia Technology Inc., and one of the developers of the AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging system. He currently divides his time between research, product development, and teaching. Dr. Larsen also holds certifications in Applied Kinesiology and CPK, and has specialized training in SOT and craniopathy. He, his wife, and 7 children reside in Meridian, Idaho.

139 Replies to “Can You Guess?

  1. I’m thinking maybe (a bit wishfully even) $95. for the upgrade to AcuGraph 4.0. I’m sure to buy it new it will be $2000 or more. Can’t wait to learn more. Good luck with the unveiling.
    Michelle Schoffro Cook

  2. My guess for the price on the new acugraph upgrade is $995.00. Acugraph has always been reasonably priced for all of the technology offered. Maybe my guess is a little low with all of the new features but I will stick with my guess. Best of Health, Dr.H.

  3. The new Acu-graph 4 looks fabulous.
    I’m guessing the upgrade will be $ 649.00.
    I would love to win.
    Technology and up-gradable software is the
    key to success.

  4. Adrian, Having watched your video on how you have configured Acugraph to make allowances for age, time, gender and universal characteristics, I had a couple of thoughts which I would like to share; usually, I make allowances for these variations based on knowledge, observation, pulse reading and ‘intuition’ (not always scientific but generally the process works). Acugraph III is great for establishing the general direction in a way that the client can understand. As you have said often in your training material, it is still up to the practitioner to make the interpretation and treatment decision. My second thought goes to the universal trending you have noticed in the over 100k tests you have statistically analyzed. Based on my own clinical observations and those shared with other practitioners, I think these trends may be a reflection of subtle changes in the overall health status of our community. These changes may be correlated to medical statistics such as tracking the increase in gall bladder problems such as stones etc and the increase in respiratory diseases such as Asthma (particularly in Australia). Perhaps an interesting and valuable field of study?

  5. Dr. A,

    I going to guess $495.00.

    But, I am wondering if this could possibly be a ploy to see what the average price is that we are willing to pay for the software. Thus, pricing it accordingly. LOL

    I am now showing my current software to two docs that had purchased EMI software from Dr. Amaro. Boy, were they impressed and disappointed at the same time. Right now, someone can get a real good deal on used EMI software on eBay! I am supposing if they can unload their EMI software, you’ll be hearing from them.
    Thanks for giving us the cutting edge in diagnostic acupuncture.

    Dr. D

    1. Hi Dr. D,

      Thanks for the great comment. I couldn’t resist your bait.

      Good guess, but no, the pricing has been set for over a month. True, we do want to see what users think it’s worth (having not seen it) but those numbers won’t change the pricing model.

      Best regards,

      Dr. A

  6. My guess for the upgrade price is USD168 which means getting rich all the way….
    I think you should give extra discuout for those who bought your equipment within one year from the date of your new upgrade release.
    I think the new features will help practioncers get to the problem area as revealed by the displayed data.

    1. My guess for the upgrade price is USD168, which is a lucky number meaning getting rich all the way.

  7. el precio por actualizacion de Acugraf 4 debe estar alrededor de $300 USD

  8. You have done tremendous work and i feel the price can be $ 101.Also sometimes i feel that you are just joking and everyone who has acugraph 3 would either get it free or be charged 99$

  9. I’m guessing $249.00! This looks amazing ~ I could seriously use this upgrade! 🙂

  10. I would guess USD249.99 with a discounted price of USD149.99 for those who purchased in the last year.

  11. I am still using Ryoduraku diagnosis by plotting mannual graph, althoug I have a software. since 2002 I am trying to Convince many doctors & manufatures of equipment the fault of software & actual ryodoraku graph. Yesterday I was very happy to see the viedeo that now my problem is solved
    Thanks Acugrah 4

  12. my guess a fair price for a complete system in today recension and and down global economy to be affordable probably $1999.00 so pretty much the same price as Acugraph 3; as for up grade well i don’t think the contest is to guess how much the up grates will cost but i will submit a guess = $329 p.s. i got my Acugraph3 in December 2009 do i get a free upgrade? and if i do and also win then what? sincerely iuliu

  13. I guess it will be 395 dollars. Hope we can pay in installments as a recessionary help.
    Keep up the good work.

  14. I have put off buying AcuGraph untill now as I thought the system was to general as every one is different, gender, yin & yang, Males differs to females electro meridian system.
    Well done on your AcuGraph4 program, I admire your passion.
    Sham the Auz dollar is dropping after being so high.
    My guess for the upgrade is $370.00

  15. My guess is US$475.00, but I’m very disappointed that a new version is being released only 6 weeks after I purchase Acugraph 3. This upgrade was never mentioned during the ordering process. I feel very cheated!!

    1. Brian,

      I’m sorry the news hasn’t reached you, but we’ve been shouting from the rooftops that recent purchasers (after December 1, 2009) will receive the upgrade at no charge. So you’ve gotten 6 weeks of AcuGraph 3 benefits for your practice, and now AcuGraph 4 will be free. Do you still feel cheated? 😉

      1. I think acugraph 4 is fantastic. I purchased acugraph 3 on the 25 nov 2009. I’m from Australia so I didn’t actually get the unit until after the 1st of dec. Am I entitled to the free upgrade? Fingers crossed 🙂

  16. I will now have to work over the weekend just to keep up with the news on this new version. I normally have Saturdays with my family.

  17. I’m looking forward to acugraph4…sounds great…what ever the cost…2 weeks ago took acugraph to a health fair it was 90 here in S. Florida
    (Pompano Beach) & we saw over 33…we have seen 12 in the office and 3 twice….thanks doc…
    Samuel Laffer, OMD

  18. I believe the new Acugraph 4 price will be $2195.00(not because of it’s value which is much greater,but because of the very competitive nature of it’s founders for trying to market it at a price that will allow most doctors to have it in their offices to treat their patients monday morning!).I think the upgrade will be priced at $295.00 because I know you like to surprise us with a phenominal price!

  19. Since I still have AcuGraph2 version, I am speculating
    that the upgrade will cost USD$829. I am hoping the Canadian$ reachs par with the US greenback, or even better I get the upgrade for free!

  20. Thank You Dr. Larsen. I just wanted to say thank you, did I mention, thank you….This latest video shows all of the time consuming steps that I normally have to do manually have now been included in Acugraph 4. I love it! I have always kept statistical info on both the meridian tendancies and the chronological P.I.E. score for the patient to see. I have always felt with the Acugraph that it is not so much about treating what patterns are moving through but treating where the patterns are stuck over time. I am very excited about this, did I say thank you!

  21. Well! Now! as I have my Acu3 for only 3 Weeks. I am pretty sure that MY update will be free?…but a guess the actual upgrade to be around $399 HUh!

  22. 395.00 I just upgraded to 3.0 last fall but it looks like I won’t make the cutoff for the free update. Looking forward to seeing the new version! Thanks for all your hard work!

  23. De verdad esta muy pero muy ineteresado en el AcuGraf4 y si se le ha hecho todas esas modificaciones suena rebueno, el precio debe estar en unos 2500 $U.

  24. New AcuGraph 4 guessing 2220$.
    Upgrade for AcuGraph 3 owners 333$.

    Great job, u deserve a nice holiday:)

  25. Me gustaría saber el precio del equipo obviamente actualizado, en idioma español, asimismo quiero que me indiquen si trae una manual en español que me indique el uso de Acugraph3.
    Muchas gracias.

  26. My guess will be $375.00USD for the upgrade. Which is still quite a lot considering some of us have just purchased Acugraph 3 within the last few weeks.

    By the way, does the new software have meridian name on the bottom of the Ryodoraku charts instead of H1-6 & L1-6?

    1. Hi Brian,


      Sorry to say it so loudly; I just want to make sure everyone knows.

      To answer your other question, Yes, the Ryodoraku graph now employs the standard meridian abbreviations.

  27. Congratulations for your New Acugraph 4, hopefully I’d say ours.

    My guess is $200 for upgrading.

    Thank you.

  28. Good marketing and a good produkt! Can I order now and get some promotional discount (like student) and go on with the payements. Reciving only when the acugraph is total payed?
    Compliments, Bruno

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