Congratulations to Dr. Lohiya! 5/5 (36)

We came across this nice news article about a fellow AcuGraph user, so we thought we’d pass it along with our hearty congratulations to Dr. Lohiya. Can you believe he has treated over 200,000 patients and trained over 6,000 practitioners?

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Dr. Lohiya, thanks for the example and keep up the excellent work!

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Cameron M. Larsen received his Bachelors degree from Southern Virginia University with an emphasis in Business Management and MultiMedia Design. At the conclusion of his studies he joined the Miridia Technology team as a marketing specialist and assisted with software design and development, and all aspects of business development and management. With extensive knowledge of business and acupuncture practice, he is now the General Manager of Miridia Technology, Inc. He, his wife, and five children reside in Meridian, ID.

2 Replies to “Congratulations to Dr. Lohiya!

  1. When the body has been injured,
    might it be appropriate for the body
    to send so called “excess” energy to
    the side for healing purposes. We might
    note with studies, that as the person heals,
    the split will naturally rectify. With this possibility, I am cautious to treat the split too early. You who have more experience using acu-graph
    in these cases, please let me know if early treatment of those particular splits helps or hinders, or neigher helps nor hinders. Thanks you for considering this concern.

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      Your point about injuries is a good one. In the case of injuries, the split may indeed be caused by the chi imbalance resulting from the injury. The problem comes when the meridian itself begins to suffer from the imbalance and underperform. It might be interesting to wait and see if the splits naturally correct themselves as part of the healing process, but in my experience they don’t. That’s why I still recommend correcting the split as soon as possible. Any other opinions out there?



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